Dilbar Dilbar Arabic Version in English Lyrics – Fnaire | Nora Fatehi

Dilbar Arabic Version Lyrics: Check out the English Translation of this All New Arabic Version of Dilbar Dilbar which is Composed by Mohcine Tizaf & the Beautiful Arabic Lyrics for this Song is Written by Khalifa Mennani & Achraf Aarab & this Song is Sung Beautifully by Nora Fatehi & Fnaire itself.Dilbar Dilbar Arabic Version in English Lyrics

O beloved

the intoxication that I have,
it’s certainly your effect,
it’s the fault of your sight

come close, why are you far?
this madness of your love,
is my heart inebriated by you

dilbar dilbar..

now, I have no consciousness,
no idea of what’s around me,
what is this strange effect
after meeting you, O beloved

dilbar dilbar..

don’t walk like that, killing people
find some solution to this riddle
this big box of beauty, like some blossoming lotus,
I’ll wait for it beacuse the fruit is sweet

you are my dream,
you are the peace of my heart.
look at me, O beloved,
look at me just once.
kiss my body,
come close to me, O my companion

I have lost my peace,
something has happened to me for sure,
after meeting you, O beloved.